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FPC of Raleigh provides valuable tips in overall career management in these articles:

The Inside Scoop About Recruiters - Debunking the Top Five Myths
Why do some people swear by recruiters and other people simply swear when it comes to recruiters?  It’s because the people who swear by recruiters as the best resource in their job hunt know how they work and even more importantly, know how to work with them.

5 Steps to Using LinkedIn for a Successful Job Search
There is no doubt that LinkedIn is widely used in the business community as a type of “online resume.”  Anyone that has conducted a successful LinkedIn job search can tell you, it’s so much more than that. It’s a powerful tool to reach out to your industry in a new and credible way.  Follow these steps and  you’ll be one step closer to making strong connections to employers and industry recruiters on LinkedIn.

Social Networking Can Damage Your Job Search ? If You Let It
Social networking sites are fun and can be a huge asset to your job hunt.  Sites like LinkedIn are designed for professional networking can be a very important part of your job search strategy.

Practical Guide To Networking
 Networking does not have to be forced or uncomfortable, read this article to learn about networking for the person who hates to network.

Working With Your FPC Recruiter
Learn how to work in partnership with your FPC recruiter.

Stay Top of Today's Job Market
Learn how you can stay nimble and keep on top of Today's Job Market.
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