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“My FPC of Raleigh recruiter placed me at my last position where I was CEO for four years. I can't speak highly enough of his professionalism and integrity. There was a remarkable level of honesty, thoroughness and trust throughout the hiring process resulting in a great fit for both the company and me. I strongly recommend him as a valued business partner and executive recruiting expert.”

During the past 18 months, I have worked with my FPC recruiter to attract several highly skilled supply chain professionals for my company. I have been very impressed with his ability to personally filter candidates through a very detailed technically based screening process. He worked with our organization through a period of significant transition, ensuring that all recruited team members had the skills and tools to be successful before presenting them to the organization. In addition to my FPC recruiters operational and supply chain work experience and knowledge of the industry, his integrity has made him my 1st choice when seeking supply chain talent. He is passionate, detail-oriented and dedicated to only providing excellent candidates.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Through my course of interacting with my FPC recruiter two attributes jumped out and separate him form his peers. First, his integrity. He handles personal matters honestly and openly preserving candidates dignity. Second, his responsiveness is unparalleled within his industry. More often than not "no call back" is the answer but not with this individual.

“We have worked together for some time and his professionalism and the wealth of industry contact is very impressive. He handles relationships with extreme care keeping in mind a sharp focus on the client's need on both sides whether they are potential candidates or hiring managers. The work that he does at FPC of Raleigh is very thorough and his coaching and communications skills are par excellence. I have a very high regard for the standards he sets in the domain of recruiting, especially executive recruiting. Director SIOP & Demand Management”

Our FPC of Raleigh recruiter has been tremendous in his knowledge of the customer requirements, company culture and business needs. He is then able to match this knowledge to a pool of qualified candidates. His insight of the position and knowledge of my skill & experience proved invaluable throughout the interviewing and ultimately the hiring process. He exhibits outstanding follow-through, has unquestionable ethics, providing thoughtful feedback along the recruiting process. I would highly recommend working with FPC of Raleigh’s recruiters to any business or candidate.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

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