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Working With Your FPC Recruiter

It is crucial to work with your FPC recruiter in a very open, direct and honest way, and you should expect your recruiter to be the same way with you. 

Much of the basic information about what you do comes through your resume, but to do the kind of professional job you want, your recruiter needs to know much more. You should be prepared to clearly communicate to your recruiter on the following:

  • Current position
  • Skills
  • Objectives
  • Motivations (reasons for making a change)
  • Salary (current and expected)
  • Relocation parameters
  • Significant quantifiable accomplishments
  • Specific companies or projects of interest
  • Current status of your search
  • Critical timing factors
  • Special needs (housing, schools, spouse employment, etc.)

 As you work with your recruiter, you should develop a sense of trust and confidence. If your recruiter does the job correctly, he or she will not only tell you about good job opportunities but also provide you with very valuable advice on how to interview and how to negotiate the best compensation and relocation, etc. 

Your recruiter should also act as an objective sounding board during times that can become emotional when considering major life changes. You need to listen carefully and use this information to help you through the process. Keep in mind that your recruiter deals with these issues every day. If you are doing your job to the best of your ability, you probably do not consider these issues very often. 

Finally, maintain regular communication with your recruiter. If you are actively searching for a new position, the two of you should be talking regularly. While interviewing, and during negotiations, you may need to talk several times a day. Your continued communication and interaction will assist your recruiter in doing the best possible job for you. 

The Final Word: How FPC Can Help
We will work with you in the most professional and confidential manner to obtain the new career you want and need through:

  • National exposure with top companies.
  • A confidential search.
  • Experienced FPC consultants in your industry/discipline.
  • Access to FPC offices throughout the U.S.
  • Comparative cost-of-living analysis.
  • Free service to you; client companies pay all costs.
  • Advice on resume preparation.
  • Advice on preparation for your interview.
  • Assistance with salary and benefit negotiations.
  • Access to relocation services.


  • Provide you a general overview of relevant industry activity.
  • Evaluate your skills against our database of job search assignments on an on-going and continuous basis.
  • Work with you in a professional manner to help you evaluate opportunities we develop.
  • Facilitate contacts between you and our clients or other FPC offices.
  • Provide you with extensive experience in helping people successfully transition between their current career assignment and their new one.
  • Be available to you for professional career guidance and counsel to enable you to make the most out of any move.
  • Provide you with specialized expertise from a recruiter familiar with your area of expertise, who will contact you to describe and discuss any appropriate position openings.
  • Obtain compensation for our services from our client companies, never from you, the candidate.  


  • A copy of your resume—emailed, faxed or mailed—with a cover letter describing your job search targets.
  • Complete honesty and openness in our discussions. 
  • Confidentiality concerning open positions discussed.
  • Availability and flexibility in scheduling interviews.
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